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Equal to F x s, where F is the force in Newtons and s is the distance travelled and is measured in Joules.

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AQA A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)FP1SummaryOverview-
CCEA A-Level (NI)FP1SummaryOverview-
Edexcel A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)FP1SummaryOverview-
I.B. Higher Level6SummaryOverview-
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Methods (UK)M14SummaryOverview-
I.B. (MSSL)6SummaryOverview-
OCR A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)FP1SummaryOverview-
OCR-MEI A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)FP1SummaryOverview-
Pre-Calculus (US)C6SummaryOverview-
Pre-U A-Level (UK)6SummaryOverview-
Scottish (Highers + Advanced)HM1SummaryOverview-
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