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In Spatial coordinates you may look at objects like points, straight lines and planes from different angles. The goal is to establish a connection between spatial imagination and algebraic issues (reading off coordinate values, qualitative description of the objects). The applet also serves as introduction to further dynamical 3D diagrams with similar functionality. In the applet Straight lines in 3-space the user shall work out parameter representations of five straight lines, given in a dynamical 3D diagram. No numerical information is provided, hence all ingredients necessary to determine the position of the lines must be found out by the user. See if you understand the parametric representation of straight lines.

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One of the measurements of distance of a point from the axes of the graph.


a) a constant or variable term in a function that determines the specific form of the function but not its general nature, as a in f(x) = ax, where a determines only the slope of the line described by f(x).
b) one of the independent variables in a set of parametric equations.


The type of line produced by a linear equation.


Equal to F x s, where F is the force in Newtons and s is the distance travelled and is measured in Joules.

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