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In this applet the equations describing five planes given in a dynamical 3D diagram are to be found. Since no numerical information is provided, all ingredients necessary to determine the position of the planes must be found by the user. This may help linking geometrical imagination with algebraic procedures and dealing with spatial relations in a creative way.

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This question appears in the following syllabi:

SyllabusModuleSectionTopicExam Year
AQA A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)FP4VectorsPlanes-
AQA A2 Further Maths 2017Pure MathsVectorsPlanes-
AQA AS/A2 Further Maths 2017Pure MathsVectorsPlanes-
CBSE XII (India)Vectors and 3-D GeometryVectorsCross product definition, geometrical interpretation, properties and application-
CIE A-Level (UK)P3VectorsPlanes-
Edexcel A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)FP3VectorsPlanes-
Edexcel AS Further Maths 2017Core Pure MathsVectorsPlanes-
Edexcel AS/A2 Further Maths 2017Core Pure MathsVectorsPlanes-
I.B. Higher Level4VectorsPlanes-
Methods (UK)M4VectorsPlanes-
OCR A2 Further Maths 2017Pure CoreFurther VectorsPlanes-
OCR MEI AS Further Maths 2017Core Pure AVectors and 3-D SpacePlanes-
OCR-MEI A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)FP3VectorsPlanes-
Pre-Calculus (US)E1VectorsPlanes-
Scottish Advanced HighersM3VectorsPlanes-
Scottish (Highers + Advanced)AM3VectorsPlanes-
Universal (all site questions)VVectorsPlanes-