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This is a Java 1.1 applet demonstrating projectile motion.

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Fowler's physics applets
Java applet from Michael Fowler



a body moving in a gravitational field under free fall

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This question appears in the following syllabi:

SyllabusModuleSectionTopicExam Year
AQA A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)M1KinematicsProjectiles-
AQA A2 Maths 2017MechanicsKinematicsProjectiles-
AQA AS/A2 Maths 2017MechanicsKinematicsProjectiles-
CCEA A-Level (NI)M2KinematicsProjectiles-
CIE A-Level (UK)M2KinematicsProjectiles-
Edexcel A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)M2KinematicsProjectiles-
Edexcel A2 Maths 2017MechanicsProjectilesProjectiles-
Edexcel AS/A2 Maths 2017MechanicsProjectilesProjectiles-
OCR A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)M2KinematicsProjectiles-
OCR A2 Maths 2017MechanicsMotion in Two DimensionsProjectiles-
OCR MEI A2 Maths 2017MechanicsProjectilesProjectiles-
OCR-MEI A-Level (UK - Pre-2017)M1KinematicsProjectiles-
Pre-U A-Level (UK)MechKinematicsProjectiles-
Universal (all site questions)KKinematicsProjectiles-
WJEC A-Level (Wales)M2KinematicsProjectiles-